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ACURO - Vyvažovací systém

The intelligent way of balancing from SCHUNK

Today’s requirements for spindles, toolholders and tools are much more stringent then in past years. For applications on modern machines with high dynamic spindle operations it becomes more and more important to use fine balanced tool assemblies. At increased spindle RPM’s, unbalanced tooling can cause low cutting tool life, produce poor cutting results or even damage the spindle.


SCHUNK has the solution

A complete system, toolholder and cutting tool, are balanced as one unit. ACURO balances your cutting system faster, at low cost with the highest precision and a very low residual out of balance.


SCHUNK offers more!


Technical information

What is unbalance?

If a mass rotates around a rotary axis, centrifugal forces always build up affecting in outward direction. If the mass at the rotating body is distributed evenly, the centrifugal forces compensate each other and the body keeps its position during the rotation (i.e. a gyro). However, if the mass is not evenly distributed, additional forces and moments are affecting the body (colloquial the so-called unbalance), which causes a relative movement of the rotary body in direction to the rotary axis.

If the body should be fixed in turn, this causes a load on the bearings.


What causes the unbalanced forces?

• Asymmetrical shape of the toolholder

• Asymmetrical shape of the tools

• Manufacturing tolerances (run-out errors)

• Eccentric run-out of the spindle


Unbalanced forces and the results!

• Vibrations at the toolholder

• Reduction of spindle life

• Damage to the bearings of the machine spindle

• Reduced cutting speeds

• Poor surface quality due to vibrations

• Reduced manufacturing accuracy

• Increased wear of the cutting tool